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☀Felicia [userpic]
by ☀Felicia (ch_leesha)
at July 11th, 2010 (10:11 pm)

Title: Need You
Rating: PG-13
WC: 778
Summary: Post 'Dream On' so bit spoilers for that!
Disclaimer: Still. not. mine.

How had this happened?

The afternoon had gone by in a bit of a blur. Hell, these past few weeks had gone by in a bit of a blur. Ever since the arrival of that St. James kid Rachel had been cold and distant. She turned down every invitation to hang out with him and Puck together and when she did get one of them alone, catastrophes like Run, Joey, Run happened. Finn was a little sick of it, but mostly it was making him genuinely upset. He missed Rachel. He missed just hanging out and listening to her laugh, watching her twirl around his room.

For Puck, it was a little different. He refused to acknowledge that this whole situation was making him anything more than pissed off. All his pent up frustration came out in fits of rage against Finn. It was easier that way. Finn was the only one who could possibly understand what he was going through. But it all just made Finn more upset. One night after one of Puck’s fits in the front of the Hudson house (Finn couldn’t honestly recall what Puck had said but it was about Rachel and it was about him and his manly hood) something had snapped inside Finn. He tackled Puck on to the hot concrete, but before he could raise his fist and strike him, Puck shoved him off and told him to never try speaking to him again before speeding off. The next afternoon, Puck tried making out with Rachel while she tried enlisting his help for their glee project.

She turned him down, but he agreed to help her anyway. He didn't really understand.

But he did fucking miss her.


Now Finn lay with his head in Rachel’s lap, staring up at the singers face. Her cheeks were tinted pink from being so flustered, a constant stream of tears still pooling out of her eyes as she wept quietly and worked her fingers across Finn’s scalp. He chanced a glance over at Puck, who sat on the edge of Rachel’s bed, his fingers locked together as he kept his gaze fixated on her. Finn and Puck hadn’t spoken since the incident outside of Finn’s house a few days earlier. Finn had been busy playing a new first shooter video game after school when his phone had started ringing. It was Rachel and she was inconsolable, clusters of words falling from her lips at a pace quicker than Finn could keep up with. He was able to catch a few.

“Need you,” she had sobbed. “Now.”

To this day, Finn wasn’t sure why his next action was to immediately dial Puck’s number. It all felt so natural, so second nature, and when Puck had picked up he was a bit surprised.

“Rachel needs us,” Finn said simply. The line was silent.

“I’ll be right there.”


She played them the tape of her mother singing. Both boys shared shocked glances and for the first time in weeks, it was only the three of them that mattered again. Rachel couldn’t stop crying and neither boy knew what to say to her. A few more minutes passed before Puck crawled down on the floor to be with his friends. He took one of Rachel’s hands.

“It’ll be okay,” her murmured softly. “You’ll see her again some day.” Rachel looked up at him, her chest rising and falling unevenly as she cried.

“You don’t know…anything,” she snapped darkly, unsure of where the hostility in her voice was coming from. Finn sat up, tucking stray strands of hair behind Rachel’s ear before pressing a kiss to her temple.

“Even if you don’t…you still have your dads,” he offered softly, an uninvited lump invading his throat. “You have us.” Rachel sniffled, slowly switching her gaze between the two of them. Puck’s eyes were gentle as he squeezed her leg, rubbing the skin there comfortingly. He didn’t dare attempt words again. Rachel’s mind quickly shot to Jesse as Finn’s arms enveloped her and she rested her head against his chest. Jesse and his dark brown eyes and overwhelming love for her. It killed her, but she pushed Finn away, standing up and straightening out her blouse.

“You should go,” she said softly, her eyes cast downward as she walked over to her dresser and looked at her still puffy eyes in the mirror.

“Don’t you want us to stay with you?” Finn asked quietly. He sat with his back against Rachel’s dresser, Puck just a few inches to his left. The hurt in his tone ripped Rachel apart.

“No,” she sniffled softly, her words nearly failing her. “You guys need to leave.”